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Best Coffee Apps for Android.

Barista Coffee Dictionary A-Z

Barista Coffee Dictionary A-Z
Download Barista Coffee Dictionary A-Z FREE

Barista Coffee Terms is an A-Z dictionary app for all levels of baristas and coffee lovers.

From people just had their first cup to connoisseurs and expert baristas.

The barista’s glossary includes over 430 different coffee definitions consisting of:

  • Descriptors
  • Roasting
  • Cupping and Tasting
  • Drinks and Recipes
  • Barista and Brewing / Preparation
  • Bean Classifications and Gradings
  • Coffee by Origins
  • Farming

Coffee and Espresso Drink Guide

The FREE edition does not have as many features as the PRO version. The PRO version contains no advertisements and many new features. If you like the FREE version and want to support, please purchase the PRO version!
What’s New?

  • Updated look and feel
  • Added ‘LEARN’ and ‘BREW” sections
  • Improved ratio calculator
  • Step by step instructions on all brew methods.

This lightweight sleek application includes many popular espresso based drinks and their common recipes. Informative graphics include layer guides for espresso drinks as well as a description providing more information about the drink.

Brew Timer

Brew Timer
Download Brew Timer FREE
The Brew Timer is for brewers, professional and amateur alike, who need a better way to keep track of their brew during the brew day. The application allows the brewer to create individual entries for the timing of different brewing events like the addition of hops, spices, a wort chiller, etc. These events can also include a post-boil steeping time, allowing brewers to keep track of additional lengths of time after the boil ends. These events can be grouped together as a Brew Session and can be saved to device memory in a Recipe Profile that can then be loaded when needed for future use. Each Recipe Profile contains all the events needed for a complete brew session.
Brew Timer Features:

  • Create, save, load, and delete multiple Recipe Profiles.
  • Each Recipe Profile can contain events for all timed brewing processes.
  • The Brew Timer can sound a user selected alarm and/or vibrate when an event needs your attention.
  • Events can be added, edited, or removed while the the timer is running in case a modification needs to be made on the fly.
  • Color-coding of individual event entry’s remaining time lets you quickly determine how soon an event will trigger.
  • The Brew Timer can be paused and resumed at any time.

The Brew Timer is also great for timing coffee roasting, baking or anything else you may need to keep track of multiple timing events.

Brewing Guide

Coffee Nerd - Brewing Guide Download Coffee Nerd - Brewing Guide FREE
Have all the tools necessary to make the perfect cup of coffee right at your finger tips!
Coffee Nerd is for any coffee enthusiast who wants to make the perfect cup of coffee with their French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress®, Chemex®, Hario V60®, Siphon Pot or regular automatic drip. This app includes all instructions necessary as well as some useful tools.


  • Detailed brew instructions for French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress®, Chemex®, Hario V60®, Siphon Pot and your regular automatic drip
  • Bean Calculator – Determine the amount of beans necessary for any number of cups
  • Set your preferred measurement units – grams/ounces and ml/cups
  • Brew Timer with alarm – Use one of the pre-sets or set your own!
  • Brewing Rating & Notes – Take daily notes and adjust your brew
  • Create your own custom brew – save presets for the description, brew time, bean ratio and more! (enable feature with in-app purchase)
  • Dark or Light themes with collapsible sections

Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster
Download Coffee Roaster FREE
If you like roasting coffee beans by yourself you probably take some notes during the roast process (roast duration, temperature, time of cracks,…). This tool helps you to record this data and to store (and view, edit, delete) it.

Mister Barista – Aeropress

Mister Barista - Aeropress
Download Mister Barista - Aeropress FREE
Mister Barista is an excellent companion for the Aeropress, V60 and Chemex and provides step by step instructions as well as an interactive ‘how to’ guide for making perfect coffee. Recipes from all around the world are included along with special recipes from the winners of the Aeropress championships.

There are also brewing recipes for the classic French Press and Moka Pot. Perfect for complete beginners and those with more experience too.

How Mister Barista works:

Choose a brewing method, Aeropress for example; select a recipe that appeals to you and view the details screen to see what size to grind the coffee beans (place a small amount of your grind on the screen to compare), what temperature your water should be and amount of coffee to use.

On the recipe screen, tap go as soon your kettle has finished reaching temperature and follow the instructions as they appear. The advanced timer will count down each stage, even dynamically calculating the time to let the water in your kettle cool before pouring the water on to your grinds. Mister Barista will guide you on when to pour, steep, stir, plunge as well as provide timely information for each step.

If you have a temperature controlled kettle like the Bonavita then there is an option to use it in the brewing process.

If you have a go to recipe for your daily brew, just tap the ‘last coffee’ button to jump straight to it in future.

Any and all suggestions and comments are very welcome. If you wouldn’t mind rating the app it would really help get it out to more coffee lovers and we thank you for your support. Any problems please e-mail before leaving a review and we will try to help or update the app to cater for your needs.

If you would like to see your favourite recipes added, send in the details/link and we will add it.


  • Metric and Imperial units
  • Grind Size compare screen
  • 8bit classic game audio mode
  • Serves amount
  • Landscape mode supported (tablets)
  • Aeropress
  • French Press
  • V60
  • Moka Pot
  • Chemex
  • Temperature (tap to change units)
  • Grind Size (tap to view coffee particle size)
  • Amount of coffee to use (tap to change units)
  • Detailed steps taking you through each recipe
  • Last Brew button to instantly take you to your last coffee recipe
  • Tasteful audio alerts
  • Temperature controlled kettle setting
  • Custom dynamic cooling time

Roasted and Logged

Roasted and Logged
Download Roasted and Logged FREE
This application was developed for home coffee roasters. It reads 3 7-segment displays using camera and plots graph of time-temperature development.

The graph can be saved to your library which is stored on your SD card. You can add many details about origin of the coffee, roasting profile, temperatures and simple cupping results.

Later you can view, compare and edit your records. You can also use saved roasting profiles as a template for next roasting. Currently only 3 digits are recognized. Faster and more precise recognition is in development, as well as many other features and settings.

TC4 Roasting

TC4 Roasting
Download TC4 Roasting FREE

The TC4 Roasting App makes it easy to control your TC4 based coffee roaster remotely via bluetooth, and gives you instant visualization of roasting temperatures and roaster settings. It features real time plotting and display of your roasting temperatures as well as saving to a roast log file.

You can operate your roaster manually using the customizable control buttons or automatically using simple roast profiles stored on your device.

Main Features:

  • Remote control of TC4 based coffee roaster.
  • Automatic heater control using ramp/soak roast profiles.
  • Live display of roasting temperatures.
  • Live plotting of roasting temperatures.
  • Logging of roasting temperatures and roaster settings to a CSV file.
  • Customizable control buttons.
  • Customizable plotting and logging options.
  • Dedicated button for marking crack times, start/stop roast and logging.
  • Customizable input parameters to define what parameters are being received and logged.
  • Ability to send repeated ‘read’ and ‘PID’ commands at customizable intervals.

Works with:
– TC4 based coffee roaster controllers with bluetooth dongle attached (more info here: http://www.homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2222 and http://www.mlgp-llc.com/arduino/public/arduino-pcb.html)
– Other hardware (eg. Arduino) capable of sending comma separated data over bluetooth.