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Brew guide for our June ’20 Coffeevine box

Brew guide for our June ’20 Coffeevine box


Brew the gorgeous coffees from our June ’20 coffee box featuring Lomi, Goat Story and Obadiah with this custom brew guide.

The first brew guide since coming out of lockdown! First brew guide since being able to sit inside a café, going out for a restaurant meal and having a drink at a bar in months.

It still takes some getting used to because it seems that everyone interprets the rules a bit differently but overall, it’s a really good feeling to be out and about again and being able to meet friends and loved ones without feeling guilty. Let’s see how long it lasts before the second wave comes and washes it away.

This week, we’re going to experience another small heat wave here in Amsterdam and to make sure you have the perfect drink in hand when it gets hot where you are, I have decided to share with you a little recipe for a super refreshing Aeropress Tonic.

If you’re expecting our June ’20 coffee box or already received it, then I hope that you’ll find this guide useful for your own coffee brewing adventure.






Basic setup:

As in any good kitchen or bar, you want to be sure to have a few key items at your disposal that will aid you in preparing a delicious cup of coffee.

These include:

  • Scales (with or without a timer – you can use your phone or your watch)
  • A good quality burr grinder such as the Comandante Grinder
  • The Kruve Sifter (not required but handy to filter out fines)
  • Your favourite brew method (Kalita Wave, V60, AeroPress etc)
  • A clean vessel for brewing and decanting
  • Water for brewing, ideally mixed at home.
  • A pouring kettle but a regular kettle will also do, however, it requires more precision
  • For this recipe, I made ice cubes from my own water that I mix using a recipe from Barista Hustle

It’s very important to always freshly grind your coffee just before preparation because coffee is very volatile and quickly loses its full aroma in a matter of minutes.

There are some really handy guides on how to mix your own water for brewing on Barista Hustle. We will soon also post our own recipe for you to use.

My recipe for a refreshing Aeropress Tonic:

No, this is not a cold brew tonic like the ones you can find in dozens of recipes on the web. I brew my coffee hot but thanks to the cold tonic and the ice, it ends up being a cold drink afterall.

20g of a juicy and fruity coffee and grind it quite fine, like kosher salt. Inverted method for this. Load your Aeropress and then fill it with freshly boiled but slightly cooled water at 92°C up to the 2 cups mark on your Aeropress. Stir well and then add the cap with your flushed filters. After 1 minute, put on a decanter and push out all the way to the end.

Let cool somewhat, then add a good handful of icecubes to a nice glass and run a bit of lemon peel along the rim to give it a touch of citrus. Pour in half a can or around 165ml of tonic and then add your coffee. Before drinking, stir well and then enjoy!

Obadiah’s recipe for filter:

V60: 22.5g coffee, ground medium, 350ml at 93ºC. Brew time around 3mins.

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