Make It Happen: A BGA Pep Talk

By Andrew Gomez “It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!” These are the infamous last words from Calvin to his pet tiger Hobbes as they walk into the endless whiteness of freshly fallen snow. Bill Watterson’s comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” has always held a special place in my life, and, as I grew and became more involved in the world of coffee with the planning and organization of local community coffee events, these are the words I recall when searching for inspiration about what’s next. If you are familiar with the comic strip, you know Calvin always had an adventurous spirit when it came to life and venturing into the unknown. I would like to think I apply some of those same overarching ideas when it comes to the world of coffee, specifically to growing and strengthening our community at a local level, whether city, county, state. … Continue reading

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