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Barista Magazine

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Barista Magazine is the leading trade magazine for the international coffee community. They cover the people, places, news, and events that make working in coffee a dynamic and inspiring profession.

Bean Scene

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BeanScene is more than just another magazine; it is a comprehensive conversation on all things coffee, a perfect blend of business and lifestyle – inviting the industry, enthusiasts and consumers to sit together and share the richest experiences that coffee has afforded them.

BeanScene is committed to promoting, enhancing and growing the coffee industry in Australia, and indeed throughout the world. It has captured the attention of coffee roasters, bean and machine importers, café owners, café chain owners and executives, and many of the auxiliary products and services that support the coffee industry in Australia and around the globe.

Through our partnerships with key coffee houses, cafés and coffee chains, BeanScene is read by thousands as they enjoy their daily cup at their favorite watering hole.

Café Culture Magazine

café culture magazine

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The rise of café culture across the UK has been exceptional in recent years, and it’s not just the well known high street coffee chains that have made a name for themselves.

In towns and cities across the land, you will find plenty of innovative independents specialising in anything from ice cream to freshly-made smoothies, or coffee cocktails. Welcome to the world of Café Culture!


caffeine Visit digital home of Caffeine

Caffeine is produced by a team with a strong record in the magazine publishing industry, with more than 15 years of experience, each with Britain’s top magazine publishers. Caffeine brings a high degree of professionalism rarely found in niche publishing while retaining the passion for the world of coffee.

Coffee Bean

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Coffeebean magazine was the brain child of Brian Cee of S.C.R fame and Edward Hughes from Taxitalk Magazine.

The idea was to create a magazine for everybody the Grower, the roaster, the seller ,the Barista and of course the drinker.

We would like to get the magazine as a hard copy into as many coffee shops as possible in the UK and as ,many internationaly.

The magazine is an A5 size magazine with no advertisements inside the magazine but an advertising pull-out supliment is planned for 2020.

Coffeebean magazine is now upto issue 40 and will continue to bring you both upto date news and upto date coffee tech.

Thank you for your reading our magazine and please follow us on twitter facebook and don’t forget instagram.

Coffee Magazine

coffee magazine Visit digital home of Coffee Magazine FREE Version Online

Welcome to TheCoffeeMag. Are you ready for the kick?

This website and magazine aims to be a platform for communication between the obsessive coffee professionals and the avid coffee drinkers, nurturing a growing coffee community and culture. Think about your local coffee spot – it has already begun. You are those people!

We travel the country constantly searching for interesting coffee stories. We are the people you see in your local cafes; laptops out, coffee supply constant. Like you, we’re into buying beans from our local roastery and sourcing new supplies of precious beans to share with like-minded people who are as passionate as we are about fresh, gourmet coffee. We’re experimenting with home brewing methods, and in the coming pages of our mag and these blogs, we’ll share what we learn, and we’d love you to share yours with us too.

We love great coffee. We don’t know everything, not even close. There is so much to learn and share and we can’t wait to use these platforms for all South African coffee lovers to spread their love for the perfect brew.

My name is Iain. I have watched the coffee culture in SA grow as I’ve traveled around publishing various print and new media titles over the last 8 years. My office was always specialty coffee shops, if I could find them, and now the offices that fueled me with espresso and inspiration, have become the subject of this new venture.

Being based in Durban, a city that has seen a booming specialty coffee market in recent years, I’ve been lucky enough to chase waves, and business all over SA. I’ve been impressed with how my local city has stood up to the Cape Town scene, the established eastern cape outlets and the boom of the Jozi scene. I feel like the time is right to document it and give it a voice.

Coffee Talk

coffee talk

Visit digital home of Coffee Talk FREE Version Online

CoffeeTalk Media, and its portfolio of products including CoffeeTalk Magazine, is the leading editorial source for news and developments in the business of coffee.
With a staff of dedicated professionals, CoffeeTalk is widely considered the most important and complete independent media provider of information about all aspects of the coffee world – from crop to cup.



Visit digital home of Crema

Crema Magazine was created in response to the exponential growth in interest in the café lifestyle. From its first issue in 2002, Crema Magazine has become the pre-eminent magazine catering to the coffee lifestyle community of Australia.

With Crema Magazine being Australia’s pre-eminent coffee lifestyle magazine and Australia being a leader in the progression of specialty coffee, it seemed only natural that we bring you the first dedicated online coffee/cafe magazine (as far as we know this is the first of it’s kind in the world). Full of feature articles, personality profiles, news and reviews from the Australian coffee/café scene and lots, lots more.

Like fine wine, coffee has become, and is continuing to develop as, a truly ‘connoisseurable’ passion with devotees and ‘prosumers’ coming from all walks of life.

This site is geared to be highly interactive, so, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Crema magazine online aims to provide an informative, open and friendly environment to explore and experience the world of coffee.

Last Issue – Autumn 2013

Fresh Cup

fresh cup Visit digital home of Fresh Cup

At Fresh Cup, theye’ve spent more than two decades covering the stories of specialty coffee and tea, showcasing tea-growing regions and cutting-edge coffee towns, giving voice to stalwart veterans and visionary newcomers, digging into issues important to owners and those vital to employees. Their stories have educated their international readership on best business practices and on the amazing things going on in the far-flung corners of the industries. More than anything, Fresh Cup has shown how complex, exciting, sophisticated, and plain cool tea and coffee are.

Global Coffee Report

global coffee report

Visit digital home of Global Coffee Report

Prime Creative Media launched Global Coffee Report in April 2011 with the aim of promoting, growing and informing the global coffee industry through the provision of the most relevant and current information and in-depth analysis from the sector’s most influential voices.

Since its launch, Global Coffee Report has attracted the attention of industry leaders the world over. Featuring interviews with the influencers from top performing companies, in-depth reports from international correspondents covering on-the-ground developments and insightful marketing intelligence and analysis, Global Coffee Report has emerged as an authoritative voice in an increasingly fractured media landscape.

Global Coffee Report remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality independent content, that covers the issues that affect and shape the global coffee industry.
Prime Creative Media is an independently owned media and marketing organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. Since being established in 2002, it has grown into a respected and highly regarded business that is known for its professionalism, marketing expertise and its value added approach to customer service.


roast magazine Visit digital home of Roast Magazine

Roast is a bi-monthly technical trade magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry. Roast addresses the art, science and business of coffee by covering the issues most important the industry, with high-quality editorial focused on the technical aspects of coffee.

Tea and Coffee

tea and coffee Visit digital home of Tea and Coffee Magazine FREE Version Online

The Digital Edition of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal offers the full editorial content of the printed magazine in a new, convenient format. Take advantage of our keyword searching on any topic, archives of past issues, clickable links and images, and a myriad of other new features. Best of all, it’s FREE to industry partners!



Visit digital home of STiR FREE Version Online

STiR Tea & Coffee is the world’s leading INDUSTRY trade magazine covering the tea and coffee industries.

STiR Tea & Coffee Bi-Monthly is born out of the tea & coffee industry’s demand for a quality international magazine that takes its concerns to heart with a professional outlook and reporting edge. Built upon the success of the well-known and accepted Tea & Coffee Asia, which was launched in June 1999, STiR keeps the world’s coffee and tea businesses on top of the latest trends, abreast of the most recent technology, and one step ahead of growing competition.

The major focus of STiR Tea & Coffee Industry Bi-Monthly is the concerns of coffee roasters and tea packers, tea leaf and coffee bean importers and exporters, and tea and coffee growers and plantations. Readers will learn what manufacturing processes are being used, the latest packaging techniques, types of coffee and tea, which countries/companies are leading the way, and all the latest on the equipment, machinery, supplies and services required to bring tea & coffee products to the marketplace.

Another major focus of the magazine is on coffee shops, tea shops, hotels, espresso bars, and cafes and what they need to set up their tea and coffee service business and how to improve that business. In every issue you can expect to learn who is serving the latest coffee and tea brands, what flavors are popular, and what equipment they are using, as well as merchandising and trade innovations.

The Coffee Exporter’s Guide – Third Edition

The coffee exporter's guide Download The coffee exporter's guide FREE Version Online

Guide providing information on trade practices relating to exporting coffee – presents an overview of the world coffee trade and markets; deals with international coffee contracts (Europe and United States), logistics, insurance, dispute resolution, futures markets, risk management and hedging, trade fi nancing, and related management issues; covers coffee quality with a special emphasis on quality control aspects; outlines new trends in the coffee trade such as electronic commerce, niche markets, organic certifi cation, fair trade labelling, and other sustainability schemes; highlights climate change and environmental issues relevant to the coffee industry; includes a list of frequently asked questions from coffee producers and the respective answers.