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coffeetography.: Fernando, Shepherd’s, MidBeach, Miami

coffeetography.: Fernando, Shepherd’s, MidBeach, Miami




At least a year ago, the coffee shop which I found him sitting in front of didn’t exist.

I wonder if he was here then, warming a milk crate, selling fresh coconuts out of a market basket and getting warmed by the sun.

There’s a bus stop that lets people off in front of Shepherds Artisan Coffee MidBeach, providing constant foot traffic to the  two-weave wicker chairs lining  the outdoor patio. And then there’s the culturally branded hostel The Freehand Hotel around the corner sending guests and passerbys for a little pick me up.

As much as I was wanting a 3:05 cafecito -the now official coffee break time of Miami – I was more enthralled with him.

He squinted in-between the shadow and shine of the sun with a cortadito crate side, ‘I sell coconuts, fresh coconuts.” This is Fernando.

Coffee Shop: Shepherd’s Artisan Coffee

Location: MidBeach Miami, Florida

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