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Start: February 11, 2018
2:00 pm
End: February 14, 2018
8:00 pm

Event Venue

Terrazu, Costa Rica

GPS: 9.6051515, -84.0378894

Origin Approach

This unique forum invites all specialty coffee players from the supply chain to connect with each other to learn, inspire and grow.

We invite roasters, baristas, café owners as well as producers, coffee agronomists and more to inspire each other to further our industry.

There are only 30 tickets available in total, we want to keep the conference small in order to facilitate learning and giving everyone enough space to be heard and ask questions, as well as building long lasting relationships.

This Costa Rica 2018 three day conference offers:

  • Lectures from experts on a variety of subjects such as: cultivars, coffee processing, production and more.
  • Cuppings
  • Farm field trips
  • Panel discussions on farm practices, sustainability and more
  • Activities
  • Optional 3 days post-conference to enjoy the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer (15th-18th of February) For details and price for extra days contact Hortensia


Origin Approach’s philosophy evolved from our local Nordic Roaster’s mantra: Be Together. Act Together. Learn Together. We decided to take it one step further to origin – and Costa Rica is just the beginning..

Our goal is to hold an Origin Approach conference every year at a different origin, or coffee producing country.

Be together: Bring together roasters, retailers, producers and local coffee scientists to engage with each other, socialize and share experiences… in origin.

Act together: Raise awareness of the specialty coffee industry, and the impact we can make by working better with producers and experts… in origin.

Learn together: Create a space for learning through discussion forums, field trips and cuppings to enhance our knowledge about sustainable quality production and supply chain… in origin.

We needed a creative way and an approachable space to start conversations on sustainable quality production. We also needed a way to bring together all of the hands involved in the supply chain. Origin Approach is one way we aim to bring transparent communication on the topic as well as education across a variety of industry topics. We hope to not only inspire coffee leaders and thinkers to act on these experiences but to also recognize the impact we each hold in this industry.

What better way is there to bridge this gap than to bring together the experts and producers in origin.

Fees & Tickets
Costa Rica 2018