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How to Brew Better Coffee with a Moka Pot

How to Brew Better Coffee with a Moka Pot

There are numerous ways of brewing a cup of speciality coffee at home, and many new methods are being invented all the time. But one that remains a stable member of a kitchen setup is the Moka pot.

Originally invented in Italy by Renato Bialetti, in 1933, this method the closest to an espresso beverage has been used in households worldwide. It grew in popularity especially after the WWII, with its Art-Deco design produced from a relatively cheap material, aluminium.

Why is this method, so popular on a family breakfast table, put aside by the speciality coffee scene? Moka pot is sometimes associated with a bitter taste, and perhaps dirtiness in the resulting cup, but rather than blaming it fully on the brewing device, it can be the issue of the coffee that was brewed with it.

Since the Moka pot was one of the methods thanks to which we got excited about coffee and its flavours, we decided to go step-by-step through the brewing process, giving you some preparation tips for a tasty brew.

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