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In our [7/18] coffee box

In our [7/18] coffee box

Delicious, freshly roasted coffees from Drop Coffee, Kaffa and Friedhats

The year’s biggest coffee event is just around the corner and we’re slowly gearing up to welcome people from all over the world to our beautiful city. It’s not every day that the World Barista Championships are being held in your hometown and that you can connect with so many coffee professionals and enthusiasts in one place. A few days before the event kicks off, we will be shipping out our [6/18] coffee box and on Saturday we’ll be brewing some coffees from this and next month’s box at the Comandante Stand between 11 and 12. Come down and say hi!

For our next box, the [7/18] edition, we’re putting together another truly mindblowing selection of coffees. It’s not for nothing that we dubbed it ‘the box of champions’. Every one of the three roasters has won numerous awards, including one World Barista Championship, and together they represent the crème de la crème of European specialty coffee.

Please welcome our July roasters Drop Coffee, Kaffa and Friedhats.


Drop Coffee

This Swedish outfit was founded by Joanna Alm in 2009 as a small café that served excellent coffees. Soon after, Joanna began to roast coffees at the back of the café and from 2012 she started supplying wholesale customers in Stockholm and further afield. Apart from being one of the world’s most prominent female coffee roasters, Joanna has also contributed a huge deal towards shaping the Swedish specialty coffee scene and her unparalleled level of skill and quality is often used as a reference for other budding roasters.

We visited Joanna at her café a few years ago and were simply enchanted by her. She puts a huge amount of work into building long-lasting relationships with her coffee producers and the result of this engagement at origin is a continuously improving level of quality that you can taste in the finished product. Joanna has won the Swedish Roasters Championships four times and together with her talented team she has won numerous other awards.

Her Bolivian coffee is a perfect example of this dedication and level of quality. We’re proud that hers is the first Bolivian coffee we’re ever featuring.

Bolivia – Carmelita

Caturra and Catuaí – Washed

White sugar, honey melon & lemon curd



The first ever World Barista Championships were held in Monte Carlo in the year 2000 and won by Norwegian coffee professional Robert Thoresen. At the time, no one really knew what a big deal this competition would become over the course of the next 18 years as travelled around the world and led to the creation of world-famous brands like Tim Wendelboe and James Hoffmann and Coffee Collective, all of which were founded by Championship winners. Kaffa is one of Norway’s most famous specialty coffee roaster and we had the pleasure of meeting its charismatic founder during a tour of Scandinavia in 2014.

Like Drop, Kaffa puts a great deal of focus on direct trade and paying its farmers above market prices for their coffees. It seemed only fitting that we’d invite the winner of the first-ever World Barista Championship to send us some coffee for our upcoming box while we celebrate the 2018 World Barista Championships taking place in our city this month.

Ethiopia – Duromina

Mixed heirloom – Washed

Apricot, white flowers and clementine



You might wonder, ‘wtf does that name mean’, and you’re right. Unless you know the background story, it makes no sense at all. But nothing that Lex Wenneker and Dylan Sedgwick do is a coincidence. Until a few years ago, Lex and his friend Jonatan Scheeper ran one of Amsterdam’s most loved coffee bars and roasteries, Headfirst. However, when they closed it down, Lex didn’t want to let go of the spirit entirely, thus they created Friedhats, an anagram of Headfirst and the most playful coffee roastery in The Netherlands. They also happen to share a workspace with us.

Lex has won the Dutch Barista Championships three times and came in 6th place during the World Barista Championships in 2016. He is currently preparing to represent his country on home turf during next week’s World Barista Championships and hopeful to take the trophy home this time. His chances are great. He and Dylan are doing something quite special for us next month by offering us a selection of two different Colombian coffees from the same farm. Each will come in a small bottle containing 125g.

Colombia – San Alberto

Caturra – Washed

Fig and molasses

Colombia – San Alberto

Castillo – Washed

Tropical fruits


Are you keen to get your hands on this fine selection of coffees?

Make sure you place your preorder before 15-07 to secure this delicious selection of coffees. We ship all orders on 20-07 with global free shipping available to all countries. You can add optional tracking at checkout.


What others have said:

Rafael Conde: “This box is literally the only thing you will ever need to find coffee-happiness.”

Johan Hedberg (Matgeek on Youtube): “Normally people send me tons of stuff for free but I actually pay for my Coffeevine box because I love it so much!”

Tomi Cafferata: “I used to buy my coffee from the supermarket. Now I just get it delivered. Boy, what a difference a box makes!”

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