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In our September ’18 coffee box

In our September ’18 coffee box

German roasters Hoppenworth & Ploch and The Barn are joined by our first-ever Canadian roaster Structure Roasters for a flavour-packed coffee box

The insane heatwave that firmly had Europe in its grip for the past few weeks is over and we can now all, once again, sleep comfortably at night without that uncomfortable feeling of lying in a pool of sweat. Admittedly, during that period, enjoying a hot cup of coffee was rather difficult, so we resulted to experimenting a lot with different iced coffee recipes. More on that on our blog soon.

Today, we’re proud to share with you the exciting lineup of our forthcoming September ’18 coffee box. Next month, we are teaming up again with two old friends from Germany who are returning to our coffee box for a fresh feature, namely Hoppenworth & Ploch and The Barn. The latter is even making its 4th Coffeevine appearance, a record for any of our 150 previously featured roasters.

We’re also extremely happy to welcome our first-ever roaster from Canada, Structure Roasters, who will be representing its native Montreal as part of this super tasty coffee box edition.


Hoppenworth & Ploch

A good three years have passed since we first featured Frankfurt’s leading specialty coffee roaster and when they reached out to us the other day to find out about our upcoming September ’18 coffee box cupping, Julian Ploch and I could not really comprehend why it took us so long to work together again.

Hoppenworth & Ploch might not have the easiest name to pronounce, so they let their outstanding coffees do the talking. During said cupping session that we held earlier this week, their Burundian coffee from Nkonge really stood out with its floral and fruity flavour profile, thus it was no surprise that our tasting team unanimously put this coffee in its top three selection.

Burundi – Nkonge

Red Bourbon – Washed

Apricot & rock candy


The Barn

This stellar example of pioneering German roasting hardly needs an introduction but if you don’t know who they are, then let us tell you. Founded by former pastry chef Ralf Rüller, The Barn has gone from strength to strength over the years and is now one of Germany’s most well-known and respected roasters. Together with a few other favourites from the German capital, he put Berlin on the global coffee map and has been a loyal friend of The Coffeevine for many years.

During this week’s cupping, we had a lot of coffees from Guatemala on the table, but Ralf’s Finca Los Naranjales stood out as the finest of them all. Therefore, we picked it for our September ’18 box and look forward to sharing it with you.

Guatemala – Los Naranjales

Caturra – Washed

Nectarine, vanilla, jammy

Picture by Way to coffee

Picture by Way to coffee

Structure Roasters

It only happens every so often that we team up with a roaster from outside Europe but Canada has been on our minds for a long time and we finally found a great partner who is going to represent this great nation in one of our coffee boxes for the first time. Structure Roasters is one of Montreal’s finest and they offer a rare glimpse of the small but vibrant specialty coffee scene in the capital of Quebec.

You don’t often get a chance to discover Canadian-roasted coffees, do you? The delicious and uber-fruity Alenta Endo from Ethiopia is a great coffee that we’re only too eager to share with you. (Please note, in contrast to Structure’s regular packaging containing 340g, their Coffeevine bags will contain 250g.)

Ethiopia – Aleta Wendo

Mixed heirloom – Washed

Jasmine, peach & honey


Are you keen to get your hands on this fine selection of coffees?

Make sure you place your preorder before 15-09 to secure this delicious selection of coffees. We ship all orders on 20-09.

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What others have said:

Rafael Conde: “This box is literally the only thing you will ever need to find coffee-happiness.”

Johan Hedberg (Matgeek on Youtube): “Normally people send me tons of stuff for free but I actually pay for my Coffeevine box because I love it so much!”

Tomi Cafferata: “I used to buy my coffee from the supermarket. Now I just get it delivered. Boy, what a difference a box makes!”

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