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We are passionate about our farmers.

At 1804 Coffee we are passionate about our farmers. We love them not for what they do for us but who they can become as people. We are driven to help lift them from poverty to a place of dignity. We help farmers hone their trade so they can practice it at artistic levels, provide for their families, and pass those skills along to other generations who too can revel in the success of a quality product. In every sack of coffee you buy, we give hope to a farmer, a family and a community.

We are passionate about coffee.

Not just for coffees sake, but the unique circumstances that surround Haitian coffee. The fact is Haitian coffee has been neglected through sanctions, and dictators over the past 100 years. That neglect became a preservation for the purest form of Typica Arabica coffee you could find anywhere in the world. These plants and the farms haven’t changed in hundreds of years which means when you drink 1804 coffee, you are drinking some of the finest, rarest, and purest coffee in the world. You are truly tasting the same flavors George Washington tasted when he drank Haitian coffee in 1776.

We are passionate about the roasters we partner with around the world. Men and women who strive to deliver the highest quality coffees responsibly sourced. Roasters who care about the story and the heritage that is found in every green bean. Those who serve the people in their community through their products and want to share an exceptional coffee from Haiti with them.

We are passionate about you.

We love specialty coffee, and we love the environments and occasions it is enjoyed in. We value the fact that our coffee is appreciated and enjoyed by you. We think about you inhaling the aroma, sipping and meditating on the flavors, sharing it with friends, family, colleagues and the stranger at the bar. We hope 1804 Coffee makes the few minutes you drink it…special.

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525 Main Street Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103-4511


36.16252418626877, -95.99591016506588





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