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Cameron’s Coffee

Whether you like your coffee light and zesty or dark and robust, our 100% Arabica beans are guaranteed to hit the spot.

First off, we love coffee. We really love coffee. And we know a lot of people out there love their coffee too. So we want to make sure that everyone has a cup of coffee to love, which means, we only make coffee that is so good that we’ll drink it here at Cameron’s. Also, all of our coffees have to pass the “Bill” test. Bill (our founder and CEO) has to like a coffee before we launch it. The “Bill” test isn’t easy because Bill is about as picky as a person can be about coffee.

Many, many years ago, Bill came to a turning point in his corporate career and had to figure out what to do next. Through many weeks of deep reflection, Bill’s wife, Lisa, looks at him and asks, “Bill what do you want to do?” When Bill lists off several companies that he has mentors and friends at, Lisa once again asks, “Bill what do you really want to do?” Bill somewhat jokingly says, “Well, I’d start a coffee company.” And Lisa, as a very good wife (who all of us at Cameron’s are very thankful to today), in all seriousness responds, “Well, go start your coffee company.”

Bill started out with a coffee shop, which he found to be more like running a fast food business. He wanted to help people enjoy the coffee he did everyday—not just the few hundred a day he served in his little shop. Then he moved into distribution to reach more people, but quickly realized he was spending more of his time in logistics than making coffee for people. So he built the Cameron’s roasterie – one of the coolest coffee plants in the country, and he made his dream come true.

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