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We are fourth and fifth generation specialty coffee producers, practicing sustainable farming and harvesting high quality coffee. Our three coffee farms are located in the Ilamatepec-Apaneca range in El Salvador. Malacara “B”, at 5,000 ft., is on the slopes of Santa Ana volcano. Las Mercedes/Aconcagua, (4,300 ft), next to “El Imposible”, El Salvador’s largest natural reserve and Piedra Pacha (2,800 ft.), on the outskirts of the traditional city of Coffee, Santa Ana .

Chantuc was established on February 26th , 1979 by Emma Alvarez when she inherited Malacara and Piedra Pacha farms from her father, Samuel Alvarez Angel. Roberto Dumont and Claude Dumont de Hawk , Emma’s children , currently own and manage Chantuc.

Currently, we produce gourmet and SHG quality coffee within and expanse of approximately 200 acres of land. Our coffees varietals include red, orange and yellow bourbon, pacamara, and pacas, which are exported all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, Asia and the E.U.

  • Mission: Produce and export the highest quality coffee, while maintaining a sustainable relationship with the ecosystem, our community, partners and clients.
  • Vision: Provide quality Salvadoran coffee to the world, through ever increasing traceability, sustainable practices, constant improvements, innovation of all processes and healthy relationships.

Our Varietals

  • Red Bourbon : Around early 18th century (1708) the French planted Moka coffee trees on the island of Bourbon (now called Réunion) in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Bourbon mutated from the Moka coffee trees into a new variety due to the new climatic conditions. Bourbon coffees are known for their full sweetness, creamy mouthfeel and deep subtleness.
  • Yellow and Orange Bourbon : These two varieties are rare mutations of the red bourbon. They have a more extreme juicy and fruity taste.
  • Pacas : Pacas is variety of Typica bred in El Salvador by the Pacas family.
  • Pacamara : Pacamara is a hybrid between the Typica mutation Pacas and Maragogipe. It was bred in El Salvador in 1958 probably to achieve a Typica variety that produces larger beans.

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