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Daye Bensa Coffee Export Plc

We are exporters of Arabica Coffee from its home land, Ethiopia to our clients in USA, Europe and Asia.

Our finest coffee is grown in the shade of native trees which allow the coffee cherries to retain moisture until they are ready to be picked and protect our coffee from producing bitter tasting and inferior quality beans.
In Ethiopia, coffee is traded at the central commodity market called the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and we do cleaning at our cleaning plant here in Addis Ababa and ship to our clients via Djibouti port either in bulk or in bags.
As ECX is trading with the specialty coffee we do also trade mainly with Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, kaffa farm specialty coffee in addition to all other Ethiopian coffee.
Our prices are very competitive and negotiable taking the ICE (NYBOT) price in to consideration and we deliver on time according the contract we entered and entrusted.
We have already exported exported farm coffee from our farm of 1000 hectares in the Kaffa region (a birth place of Coffee Arabica) in 2013 and 2014 a container each and more is expected in years to come.
We are happy to take your order of any green Arabica Coffee and we would also like to welcome you if you are interested to visit us and our farm.

Since the establishment of the company in 2006 it has grown in size and volume. In last two years we exported more than 3000 metric tons washed and sundried coffee of various origins of different grades of high various qualities to our clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

Daye Bensa Coffee Export is specialized in preparing washed coffee of variety grades and special blends particularly Sidamo&YirgaCheffe Coffee and also prepare sundried coffee from Sidamo, YirgaCheffe, Limu ,Jimma and Lekempti based on our clients’ request.

The company has achieved steady growth because having confidence in its professionalism, efficiency, quality and timely contract executions.

We have started a plantation of organic coffee on a farm of 1000 hectare in Kaffa region (birth place of coffee Arabica) of Southern Ethiopia of which 163 hectares are already cultivated and we started exporting since 2014.

As Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has started trading in specialty coffee, our company a registered and founding member of ECX, is also trading with the specialty coffee of Yirgachefe & Sidamo.

We also have a sizable share in the market as we represent 50 companies who supply washed and sundried coffee to the central exchange market. Our coffee is known for its finest coffee origin, rich diversity and unique flavor that grow on highlands of Ethiopia.

Other Facilities

Daye Bensa Coffee Export provide warehouses facilities both in Addis Ababa and Hawassa cities. Three warehouses of total capacity of 4400 square metres are located in Hawassa and five in Addis Ababa are with a capacity of 5000 sq. m where our modern export coffee cleaning plant is situated.

Coffee cleaning Plant

We own coffee cleaning and processing plant with pre-cleaner, huller, polisher, grader and handpicking belt facilities.
In order to meet a demand for bulk packing from our customers and to increase the size of market share through efficient processing methods we are importing a Pneumatic system to load containers in bulk.


  • Yirga Cheffe Coffee Grade 2 : Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the horn of Africa, the most prevalent taste characterstic is lemon, which gives a distinct tart bite that combines with a rich, floral finish.
  • Sidamo Coffee Grade 2, 3 & 4 : Popular among the specialty trade, beans are processed in both dry or wet methods. Beans produce flavour notes with a spicy character and round, balanced acidity in the cup.
  • Limu Coffee Grade 2 : Characterized by its winey after taste, this washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with sharp acidity and a classic balanced taste.
  • Lekempti Coffee Grade 4&5 : Typically used in blends, this coffee is characterized by a fruity flavor and bright acidity. Beans are processed by the dry and wet methods.
  • Djimmah Coffee Grade 4&5 : Coffee is said to have gotten its name from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, where this coffee is produced. Like other coffees from this region, beans produce a rather heavy bodied cup with winey after taste.


Our Address:

Gudumale Building, off Gerji-Salitemiret Road, , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


8.98076509675, 38.7578605411

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