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FJB America, LLC

FJB America, LLC has been offering, instant coffee and frozen coffee extract to major corporations and companies for over 10 years. Today, the company is a major importer from some of the best suppliers of instant coffee in the world.

Our product lineup consists of spray-dried, freeze-dried and agglomerated instant coffees in addition to frozen coffee extract. We are able to offer decaffeinated, organic and fair trade versions of instant coffees from several different countries. Minimum order quantities and packaging information can be found on the Products page. Pricing, specifications and samples will be arranged upon request.


FJB America offers a wide variety of instant coffee products.

  • Spray-Dried Coffee (Organic or Fair Trade also available)
  • Freeze-Dried Coffee (Organic or Fair Trade also available)
  • Frozen Coffee Extract (Organic or Fair Trade also available)

Products can range from 100% Robusta to 100% Arabica and any blend in between depending on the client’s needs. All varieties can also be offered in decaffeinated form.

Please see the Spray Dried, Freeze Dried and Frozen Extract pages for further information regarding minimum order quantities and packaging options.

Coffee Extract Process

The manufacture of instant coffee begins with brewing coffee in highly efficient extraction equipment. Hot water is passed through a series of five to eight columns of ground coffee beans. The water first passes through several “hot” cells (284-356°F), at least some of which operate at higher-than-atmospheric pressure, for extraction of difficult components like carbohydrates. It then passes through two or more “cold” cells (about 212°F) for extraction of the more flavorful elements. The extract is passed through a heat exchanger to cool it to about 40°F. By the end of this cycle, the coffee extract contains 20-30% solids.

After a filtering step, the brewed coffee is treated in one of several ways to increase its concentration. The goal is to create an extract that is about 40% solids. In some cases, the liquid is processed in a centrifuge to separate out the lighter water from the heavier coffee extract. Another technique is to remove water by evaporation before cooling the hot, brewed extract. A third alternative is to cool the extract enough to freeze water, and then mechanically separate the ice crystals from the coffee concentrate.


Our Address:

1111 Brickell Ave, Fl 11 Miami, FL, 33131


25.76217966058509, -80.18999031186922


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