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We got our start in local business.

Our friends and families work, manage, and own local businesses. We know it’s hard work and that there are plenty of headaches. But starting with the first cup of coffee in the morning, you make our lives a little bit easier. We’re here to make your work lives a little easier.

The paperwork and administration of hourly work is an unnecessary burden in the year 2016. It’s causing headaches and uncertainty for millions of hard-working people, and it’s costing local business owners over a billion hours of wasted time every year.

We launched Homebase to the public in 2015 to bring free timesheets and schedules to everyone, and to kill this paperwork once and for all. Our cloud-based time clock and time sheets allow you to track hours from anywhere, and save time on preparing payroll. Our scheduling tools allow you to build a better schedule in less time, and publish it online for everyone to see. Our free apps allow the whole team to stay coordinated and connected.

Today Homebase serves thousands of great business across the US. We are proud to be a small part of their businesses and work life. We will continue to launch new products and services that help local businesses focus on people, not paperwork.

Dedicated for Coffee

Spend less time on scheduling.

Nothing complicated about it: we’ve designed Homebase to be fast-and-easy to publish the schedule. You and your managers can build it in minutes from any tablet or computer, then send it by text and email to the staff.

Spend less time on payroll.

Turn any tablet into a cloud-based timeclock, so you don’t need to buy any more equipment. Quickly edit times, automatically identify errors, and even track tips before you sit down for payroll.

Manage your costs in real-time.

We integrate with a growing list of POS providers so that you can have a real-time view of your labor costs as a % of sales. Get alerts if someone is approaching overtime so you can adjust the schedule.

Ready to grow with your business.

Whether you’re one location or twenty, we’ve got you covered. Consolidate timesheets across locations, manage scheduling permissions, cross-staff employees, and keep an eye on labor costs across your entire business.

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