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I Company Exports

I Company Exports is developing a selective network of agricultural producers from Honduras focused on the production and management of premium specialty coffee. I Company prepares roasted Arabica coffee beans grown in Honduras for export to specialty shops and wholesalers in the world market.

Our coffee stands out from the competition. Our customers seek our product since it provides with a point of differentiation for their specialty coffee businesses. The company has acquired novel evidence-based products through certification processes. I Company has created active strategic partnerships with local coffee producers, roasters and exporters and is joint venturing with existing coffee providers internationally.

Unique difference

I Company Exports thrives to establish and maintain working relationships and contractual agreements with world coffee brokers and wholesalers. It effectively communicates to current and potential customers, through targeted efforts, our position as a unique differentiated provider of the highest quality roasted coffee from Honduras to the world. We offer a premium coffee selection grown and chosen for the coffee lover who expects the highest quality coffee.

Our roasted blend is created with a meticulous process using the best Arabica coffees in the Honduras market. Our coffee has to meet our standards of Arabica Strictly High Grown, Fair Trade, organic, “Marcala” Denomination of Origin, creating an outstanding flavor to ensure excellence and consistency.

I Company has established new benchmarks by incorporating coffee certification labels that sets us apart from other coffee providers. We pride ourselves in providing biological, social and economically responsible coffee.

Mission statement

The I Co mission is to continually developing and offer high premium agricultural products to the most demanding high quality world markets. I Co. seek to serve coffee importers and enthusiasts by exceeding minimum acceptable quality standards and by providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.


I Company offers superior quality and reduced delivery time for their shipments. We have over five years of experience consolidating, preparing and exporting coffee. I Company has gone beyond exporting green bean coffee, as we have created and added value to our operation and structure, coordinating with our cooperatives not only in sales projections but also in quality requirements with our organic and fair-trade certifications.

We are certified organic by the USDA thru Mayacert which is our local certifying party. We are also certified Fairtrade by the Flocert Gmbh initiative to protect all small coffee producers in the area. ISO 9001.

I Company has worked with importers in the United States and Europe through our partner Liders. www.lidershn.com. We have the technical and logistical capacity to export coffee al around the World.

Our customers in the US and Europe:
Hacofco : Hamburg Coffee Company
CTCS : Continental Trade & Commodity (Great Britain)
Ecom Suiza : Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation (Switzerland)
ICC : International Coffee Corporation (New Orleans)

We have also dealt with domestic Honduran wholesalers, for internal sales, each year. Sales in this capacity have been handled through personal customized selling.


Our Address:

Colonia Lomas del Guijarro, Avenida Ixchel, Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS


14.0722751, -87.192136



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