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Joe’s Brother Coffee

​At Joe’s Brother Coffee we are passionate about coffee and it shows in every batch of coffee we roast. We carefully select only premium coffees and roast each batch with care. ​Joe’s Brother coffees are made from 100% premium Arabica beans.

Joe’s Brother coffees are roasted using a unique hot air system known a fluid air bed roasting. Modern time and temperature controls are used to keep temperatures below 500 degrees during roasting. The result is a fragrant and smooth tasting beverage without the usual bitterness found in many drum roasted coffees.

Joe’s Brother coffee makes a better tasting cup compared to drum roasted coffee as the beans are exposed to very little smoke or scorching.

Cause we support

Joe’s Brother Coffee fights ALS, Homelessness and Hunger
We don’t believe in profit for the sake of profit alone. We are taking a stand to do real, and sustainable good with our profits by supporting charities that are close to our heart and have a measurable positive impact in our communities.

Here at Joe’s Brother Coffee, we have two main goals.

  • No.1 Provide you with truly fresh roasted, premium coffees.
  • No.2 Raise funds and awareness for our causes.

Joe’s Brother Coffee is proud to support the causes we believe in by donating a portion of every sale to our causes. We also believe in transparency and we think you should know where the money goes. Continue reading below to learn more about who we support and why. As we continue to build our website and our business, we will add more detailed information here about the organizations we contribute to. We also encourage you to support them by visiting their websites to make direct donations.

About our roasting process

What is Fluid Air Bed Roasting?

We use a Fluid Air Bed style roasting. The Fluid Air Bed is a vortex of hot air inside of the roasting chamber. The vortex allows each individual bean to be roasted evenly and to perfection without tasting “burned”. When the coffee beans pop and crack during air roasting, the skin on the beans called the chaff, is blown away from the beans and into a separate chamber (this is important because if the chaff stayed on, it would burn and smoke, giving the coffee a somewhat bitter, smoky flavor that would mask the natural flavor of the specific bean) The heat of air roasting is evenly distributed throughout the entire batch of coffee beans
Once the desired roast level is reached, the heat is cut off and triggers the cooling process.


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