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Killer Beans Coffee

Thanks for your interest in our Killer Beans coffee. All slow roasted, to unlock the complex combination of flavors hidden inside each bean. This slow roasting allows the oils of the bean to rise to the surface to create a glossy sheen distinctive to Killer Beans. But unlike so many others that have tried, we’ve got the BEST beans you’ve ever had…guaranteed!

Guatemalan Antigua (organic/shade grown) whole beans – dark roast – medium body : This shade grown coffee is characterized by a bold sweet aroma. The flavor is rich yet mellow with excellent body. The beans are big, dark and oily. There are wonderful deep notes to the finish. You’re going to want even more after the first cup!

Nicaraguan Knife Fight (organic) whole beans – dark roast – full body : This particular coffee is roasted slow and dark, that gives it it’s characteristic bittersweet flavors, and delivers a heavy rich earthy aroma. The taste is full bodied with a heavy syrup finish and slight under tones of wood. Cut into a bag and find out what it’s all about!

Kalossi Knock Out (organic) whole beans – dark roast – full body : Similar to aged Sumatran coffee yet slightly less acidic. Grown on the island of Sulawesi (Sumatra), Kalossi Knock Out is one of the world’s finest coffees. This is not a one punch wonder!

Medellin Mad Man (organic/shade grown) whole beans – dark roast – full body : These Colombian beans are the highest grade coffee available from South America. Full-bodied, very rich, very low acidity with caramel flavors throughout. JuanValdez had nothing to do with these beans!

Brazilian Bombshell (organic/shade grown) whole beans – dark roast – full body : From high up the mountain, these shade grown beauties are indeed the highest grade Brazilian beans available. Deep-bodied, very rich caramel flavors with a smokey finish. Dark and oily, you’ll know when they hit their target!

Tanzanian Peaberry (organic/shade grown) whole beans – dark roast – full body : These beans are grown at 2,500 ft on the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Peaberry is an oval bean that produces a sweet vibrant flavor with slightly less acidity.

Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo (organic/shade grown) whole beans – dark roast – medium body : A fragrant coffee,smooth with a well balanced,sweet flavor. These beans are regarded as one of the finest of the Ethiopian Mochas, this coffee is particularly good when enjoyed without milk.

Electric Chair Espresso (organic) whole beans – dark/medium roast – deep body : A secret Seven-Bean Blend from the Caribbean to India. It has very rich and exotic flavors, carries smoothly through milk with a full mocha finish. For the espresso connoisseur who thinks they’ve tried everything! Strap yourself in for a pleasantly shocking experience!”

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