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La Cima Golden Coffee


La Cima Golden Coffee exists to providing you, our valued customer, the best possible experience when drinking and enjoying not another cup of coffee, but our Single Origin, Organic & Specialty 100% Colombian Coffee.

We achieve this, not only by offering you one of the best Single Origin, Organic and Specialty coffee varieties in the world, but also by connecting you with the stories, lives, worries and passions of the millions of cafeteros -coffee farmers/growers- behind any coffee bean we artisan roast, as we strongly believe, you will then fully enjoy your cup of coffee, once you know more about them.

Thanks to our direct relationship and direct trade with the small Colombian coffee growers, and the strict quality control we undertake to any coffee bean we carefully select to purchase, at the fairest possible price, we can guarantee to our valued customers, the high quality and consistency of our coffees in the long run, as well as a reliable and continuous delivery of the same coffee’s quality.


All our coffees at La Cima, are SINGLE ORIGIN and ORGANIC 100% COLOMBIAN Arabica Coffees, from the highest altitudes, where the first quality of Specialty Coffees come from, reflecting our true commitment to quality and sustainability in every coffee bean we roast.

Our direct work with Small Colombian Cafeteros –that account for about 560,000 coffee families, with farms no larger than 2 hectares-, with no middle men in between, allows us to source the best beans, out of 82 different microclimates that exist in Colombia, each of which produces a unique and distinctive coffee characteristics and experience.

Artisan roast

All La Cima coffees are small-batch artisan roasted per order for absolute freshness, therefore when you purchase our coffee, you will be getting one of the freshest coffees in the market.

We work hard in crafting the perfect roast profile to bring out to you, the unique qualities inherent in each coffee we carry.

About us

We are a family originally from Colombia, who moved to Canada in 1992, looking for new experiences and new life for Vicky my wife, for our 2 daughters, Andrea and Laura and for myself.

After spending most of my life working in the IT hi-tech industry for North American companies of all sizes, in the business development side of it, at the beginning of 2012 I decided it was about time for me to move away from the dry, stressful and sometimes meaningless highly competitive corporate environment; that it was about time for me to do something different, more rewarding and fulfilling with my life.

I wanted something closer to my heart, to my passion of helping others, something in which I could give back not only to the local community here where I live in, but also to help and support some vulnerable communities back in my home country, which are in deep need.

My initial contact with coffee farms was in 1989 through a small cafetal -coffee plantation- my father in law had at that time in Guaduas, a small town in Cundinamarca, Colombia, on which he worked endless hard journeys, in order to have a sustainable and profitable cafetal. It was an amazing & learning experience that introduced me to the world of coffee and tought me the initial concepts about running a cafetal.

After talking to some cafeteros -coffee farmers- back in Colombia, and learning about the difficult times they face on a daily basis to run their farms in a sustainable way, to support their families, and to live with dignity and honesty, I realized I could do something to really help them in improving their living conditions in a sustainable and continuous way.

Through the research process about Colombian coffee, I realized that Colombia has so many different coffee regions -82 ecotopes with varied soils characteristics, altitudes, vegetation and climates- that produce so many unique coffee varieties, which would easily and fully satisfy the most demanding palate of any coffee lover and coffee connoisseur.

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