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Quaffee was born from a two-decade-long pursuit for the finest quality coffee. On this journey, a model for producing a consistently high standard of coffee began to take shape: Only by sourcing exceptional coffees and ensuring they are roasted with sensitivity to their individual characteristics can this standard be maintained.

That others shared a similar desire for coffee excellence encouraged us to begin Quaffee, hoping that our years of accumulated experience might be of benefit. This vision has remained our core philosophy since 2006.

The symbol of a frog represents our journey. It also serves as a constant reminder to ensure that we remain bound to our vision and true to the each individual involved in that supply of each bean we offer.


We are a group of coffee lovers that select quality sustainable coffee. We add value to the coffee while respecting every human hand that has been involved in its production; we are privileged to be able to roast and make this coffee available.

In all aspects of our work we do good for the product and good to all who are touched by our coffee.

We respect that we are part of a community of coffee lovers that through their support and patronage, are able to source and enjoy great coffees from all over the world.
We Love Small Business

The owners of Quaffee believe strongly in the promotion of Small Business, and see the specialist Small Business and Home office sectors as their primary markets. We believe that specialist small businesses are the primary heart of the South African business landscape and that these businesses are the future of South Africa. The business-owners we attract are normally those that are strong believers in good service, and excellent product.

We have structured our business to have the best of small business and large business. We have the personal touch thanks to our agent model, and we run automated back office system to ensure we deliver consistently and in a way that follows all the recognized guidelines like GAAP and Sigma 6

Did you know? Some of our coffees are rated as some of the best coffees of the year by Specialty Coffee Associations around the world

Target Audience

Our primary target market is divided into the following major segments:

Small and Medium Business: our largest segment. Any small and medium business or branch that prides itself on providing quality service, understands that the small things matter. Our clients are favourite stop off points for their clients. These clients are our biggest marketers they have helped spread the word.
Coffee lover home user: the fussiest client and therefore our bench mark. The serious coffee lover normally takes their passion with them, and can be evangelical. This is important if we are going to achieve our mission.

We also have an auxiliary market, which typically come to us via our clients

Upmarket or Boutique Accommodation Providers: For the discerning provider of accommodation that strives to provide the best of everything our fine coffees are often the cherry on their cake.
Owner Run Coffee Houses: We have found that only owner run coffee houses appreciate how particular we are about our coffees. As a result we only provide our coffees to the most passionate of people in the coffee bar and restaurant business.

Exempt Micro Enterprise

Quaffee is an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME), making it a Level 4 BEE company. This means for every rand spent with Quaffee you get a Rand credit as a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) supplier.

Opening Hours


08:30am - 4:30pm


08:30am - 4:30pm


08:30am - 4:30pm


08:30am - 4:30pm


08:30am - 4:30pm





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