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Seattle Barista Academy LLC

The Seattle Barista Academy, located in Tukwila, WA, is your source for Professional Barista Training. We offer espresso training classes with hands-on experience in grinding coffee, steaming, extraction, drink fabrication, latte art, barista training with barista certification, and education materials and CDs.

Experience the best in espresso education with hands-on training using professional espresso equipment. Learn to make a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or mocha drink from start to finish. Differentiate yourself from your competition with latte art, etching, and other coffee presentation techniques.

Our espresso coffee education classes and coffee consulting services are a must for the new coffee shop startup as well as for the experienced operator who wants to fine tune and update their coffee shop experience. In all of our classes we share cutting edge concepts that the elite coffee shops are currently using to grow their businesses and can make a major difference in your operational success.

About Seattle Barista Academy

The Seattle Barista Academy is dedicated to educating and supporting today’s Baristi and specialty coffee businesses. We are passionate in our constant pursuit of raising the standards in the specialty coffee industry. It is our mission to provide all who aspire to become great in their profession the knowledge and skill which home and professional baristi around the world are expected to achieve.

Why Proper Training is Critical to Your Success

Espresso is an art form and a trade. Having the best equipment available will not guarantee a good product. In fact, a good barista working on a lesser machine is far more valuable than a poorly trained barista using a top of the line machine. Without having properly trained personnel who know how to use the equipment to its maximum potential would be an injustice to your business.

Espresso machines, grinders, tampers, mugs, even the espresso coffee itself, are all tools the barista uses to serve the customer. The barista is the heart of your business. They create the product being served to the customer and wish them a nice day. The barista is your business’s representation. The customer always leaves an espresso bar with two impressions that stick out above all else – the coffee and the service. Without the barista they wouldn’t receive either.

An average sale at a coffee house or espresso bar is between $3.50 and $4.50. By retaining one customer as a regular over the course of one year, that translates to about $1,043 in sales. Whether that customer decides to come back or not will be determined based on the product and service they received.

It is clear that while $4.00 may not make or break one day, each sale made to every customer does make or break your business. Without proper education and training the success of your business will not reach its full potential and may indeed fail. It is the mission of the Seattle Barista Academy to ensure that does not happen. With our many years of experience and success we offer the best in training and education of baristi and management.

At the Seattle Barista Academy we will give you the tools to retain the customers you need for continued success, and give you the knowledge to separate your business from the competition. We will teach you the art of espresso, and the history and culture of coffee. We will help you to streamline your business to ensure continued growth and success.

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