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Termozeta An iron tradition since 1946 New horizons are emerging in a developing world. This necessarily causes frequent and quick changes aimed at making everyday life, in particular household, easier and at the same time more stimulating. Today,…

Our latest addition to the family opened in July 2012 in a beautiful, old industrial building in Frederiksberg. This location holds our roastery, office and third coffee shop. With the coffee shop on Godthåbsvej, we wanted to shape a complete coffee…

Swiss Quality Coffee Equipment

Thermoplan Swiss Quality Coffee Equipment. Thermoplan produces professional coffee machines that enjoy a great reputation all over the world for their reliability, functionality and their unique features and benefits. However, before our first-class…

Tre Spade yesterday The Tre Spade story is not your usual company story. Sure, in every industrial enterprise, stories of men and machines, the strength of inventions and the ability “to do” are all intertwined. But, for many reasons,…

TURMIX A future forged by tradition 1933 : Foundation of the company Techag AG by Traugott Oertli. 1943 : Inspired by a cocktail mixer, the entrepreneur, pioneer and inventor Traugott Oertli developed his first domestic blender: the “TURMIX…

UNIC KNOW-HOW Our traditional know-how in designing and manufacturing the elements that make up an espresso machine (boilers, coffee groups, etc.) make UNIC the French expert in manufacturing professional espresso machines. INNOVATION Our quest for…