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National Coffee Competitions: A Recap of New Champions from Around the Globe

National Coffee Competitions: A Recap of New Champions from Around the Globe

Here is our recap of the winners of national coffee competitions from around the world in collaboration with World Coffee Events (WCE) for the months of October and November 2017. These dedicated coffee competitors have earned the right to represent their country in coffee competitions at the international level. For more information on upcoming world championships and the athletes who will be participating, visit the WCE website at https://www.worldcoffeeevents.org.

Taiwan Barista Championship, Latte Art Championship, Coffee in Good Spirits Championship: November 17, 2017

National Champions: Meng-Shin Lai (Barista Championship), Hsiang-An Chiu (Latte Art Championship), Sin-Jay Kao (Coffee in Good Spirits)
Licensed National Body: Taiwan Coffee Association
Host: 15th Taiwan Int’l Coffee Show 2017

Colombia Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters Championship, Barista Championship: October 18, 2017

National Champions: Sebastian Villamizar (Brewers Cup), Walter Acevedo (Cup Tasters Championship), Ronal Valero (Barista Championship)
Licensed National Body: Colombian Coffee Growers Federation
Host: Cafés de Colombia Expo 2017

Portugal Barista Championship: October 16, 2017

National Champions: Pedro Marmelo
Licensed National Body: AICC – Associação Industrial e Comercial do Café
Host: School of Hospitality and Tourism of Lisbon

Canada Barista Championship: October 14, 2017

National Champions: Ben Put
Licensed National Body: Specialty Coffee Association – Canada Chapter
Host: Ritchie Market in Edmonton, AB

Spain Roasting Championship: October 5, 2017

National Champions: Joaquín Parra
Licensed National Body: Specialty Coffee Association – Spain Chapter
Host: Encuentros Cafeteros from IECafé, in collaboration with Mare Terra Importer

Are you a licensed WCE National Body representative? Don’t forget to submit your post-event reports to be featured in our monthly recaps: https://www.worldcoffeeevents.org/national-body-forms/

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