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New year, new box, new artwork

New year, new box, new artwork

Slimmer and lighter, our coffee box has had a little makeover and features a gorgeous piece of custom art by artist Ren Phillips on our brand new sticker

Over the years, our coffee box has had many shapes and looks, like a child growing up. From our flat, one size fits all tasting box to our renewed and more diverse coffee box, our boxes have always been about more than just the delicious coffees we feature every month. At the same time, we’ve been looking at ways to reduce packaging waste, decrease shipping costs and make our boxes less bulky while still staying true to our commitment to work with local artists who add that extra touch.

New and old

New and old

Starting with our recently shipped December ’17 box, we began rolling out our much improved large box that is more lightweight and slimmer than its predecessor with brand new artwork from our longtime collaborator Ren Phillips who designed a beautiful space themed sticker to seal our box with.

Ren is an American artist who is based in Amsterdamn and whose work can be found in spectacular design hotels, in private homes, on the walls of cafés and on our coffee box. He previously designed our Los Angeles inspired pink sleeve and has now returned with a custom design that is both intricate and fun.

Ren sketching some ideas for our sticker

Ren sketching some ideas for our sticker

We recently sat down with him for a little retrospective of our collaboration and to pick his brains about his creative process.

The Coffeevine: This is your second artwork for The Coffeevine. How did it feel to know that your work traveled to thousands of coffee lovers all over the world this last year?

Ren Phillips: It’s pretty cool to think that my artwork has traveled to coffee lovers all over the world. I probably wouldn’t have been able to reach them any other way and that inspired me to create the theme behind the new sticker.

TC: Tell us more about this theme.

RP: The Coffeevine goes to space. I know that probably won’t happen any time soon but it’s fun to think where it could go. Already you guys ship to so many countries around the world and the idea that astronauts could possibly get their Coffeevine boxes delivered to, say, the ISS is pretty cool.

The Coffeevine goes to space

The Coffeevine goes to space

TC: Where do you normally draw your inspiration from?

RP: My inspiration comes interactions with everyday life and the people I meet.  I’m always exploring new ideas.

TC: This sticker is relatively tiny in size compared to the mural work that you’ve done for hotels for instance. What do you want people to feel or think when they see your art? 

RP: When people view my work I hope it acts as a reprieve from the sometimes mundane realities of life. Having worked in different mediums and sizes, the thought behind the art remains consistent; escapism.

…the idea that astronauts could possibly get their Coffeevine boxes delivered to, say, the ISS is pretty cool.

TC: Now, let’s move to coffee for a minute. How many cups do you normally drink a day?

RP:  I usually drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a days. It’s my go-go juice.

TC: What’s your favourite type of coffee? Are you more the milky kind of guy or do you appreciate a good pour over?

RP: I’m an espresso slash pour over kinda guy. I like my coffee black and strong. (laughs)

Artist Ren Philips

Artist Ren Phillips

TC: Finally, is there anything you’ve always wanted to do and that you might finally have time to tackle next year?

RP: I’m really looking to forward to spending more time in my studio this up coming year. I’m also looking forward to traveling, exploring is one of my favourite things. South East Asia is up next!

TC: Thanks for gracing our new box with your artwork Ren. It’s truly inspiring!  

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