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on coffee.: The Bialetti Going Extinct. Coffee Shops are Looking Same Ole Same Ole, Caffeine, The Insect Repellent.

on coffee.: The Bialetti Going Extinct. Coffee Shops are Looking Same Ole Same Ole, Caffeine, The Insect Repellent.

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sey coffee, Williamsburg, Brooklyn , 2018


Austria’s capital is as renowned for its coffeehouse culture as it is for its historic monuments. Thanks to numerous coffee houses that dot the city, Vienna was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

But the main factor behind the [Bialetti] moka’s shrinking market share is thought to be competition from faster modern coffee makers, especially capsule coffee machines like the popular Nespresso.

“Your blood alcohol concentration won’t be reversed by caffeine,” Swift added. That means people feel less tired from alcohol when they drink coffee, “but they are not any less impaired,” Swift explained.

If the cassava trees feed the people, then the coffee trees fulfill many of their other needs – or at least any of them that require currency.

Experts like Natalie Slavutsky of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee agree that coffee actually tastes better out of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel than out of paper or plastic. “You’re just getting a better cup of coffee than in a paper cup.” says Slavutsky.

“Over the last few years, coffee makers have begun offering an expanding array of features like built-in milk frothers,” says Ginny Lui, the CR test engineer who oversees coffee makers. “They’ve also gotten faster at brewing.”

“Caffeine is an insect repellant, so at very low altitudes, there’s more caffeine [in coffee beans] because there are more insects,” explains Dr. Arnot. “At very high altitudes, there are far fewer insects, so there’s less caffeine.” In other words, coffee beans from high altitudes haven’t had to adapt to ward off annoying bugs, so they have less caffeine.

8 Source
Sexton High School’s student-run coffee shop brews opportunity
“Davonta opens the door for me,” Plascencia said. “He just cannot wait to be here. We used to not be able to keep him in class. Now he’s here, he wants to work. This coffee shop has just done wonders for him. He has a purpose.”
Plascencia also got a $500 Lansing Educational Advancement Foundation grant, which they used to buy their coffee pot, water container, a tray and cart. Now they make enough so that the shop is self sustaining.

Coffee shops around the world are starting to look the same.

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