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The Barn: Berlin’s superstar roasters

The Barn: Berlin’s superstar roasters

For their third time in one of our boxes, Ralf Rüller and his team will be roasting a truly excellent Honduran coffee for our customers this month

These days Europe has so many great coffee roasters that it is sometimes hard to keep up with the development of the continent’s fast-changing specialty coffee scene. As is the case with many first-time entrepreneurs who aspire to be like their business idols, many starting coffee roasters aim for the quality and image of some of our continent’s leading roasters, such as Ralf Rüller and his Berlin-based outfit The Barn.

Founder Ralf Rüller (via The Way to Coffee)

Founder Ralf Rüller (via The Way to Coffee)

Over the past few years the German capital truly transformed itself from somewhat of a coffee wasteland dotted with Starbucks and other local chains to a real leader in the European coffee scene. It is home to many excellent coffee roasters, great cafés and its own coffee festival too. Ralf was one of the people who truly shaped this coffee scene and emulated the Nordic coffee roasting style of his friends Tim Wendelboe and Koppi at a time when the vast majority of German coffee drinkers had absolutely no idea what to do with those fruity, vibrant and unusal coffees.

Today, The Barn has three outlets across the city, one of which is the spectacular Café Kranzler on Kurfürstendamm. This former city café that first opened in 1932 and served the residents of Berlin former West for many decades before it fell into disrepair in the 2000’s. In 2016 The Barn moved in and helped restore this unique space to its former glory.

Café Kranzler

Café Kranzler

The Barn have also been one of our biggest supporters throughout the years, something we’re incredibly grateful for. It is in fact going to be third time that The Barn appears in one of our coffee boxes this month, following appearances in 2014 and 2015. It’s always a real thrill to work with them and the cofffee we picked for our December ’17 box is another great example of their outstanding sourcing and roasting skills.

Hailing from the El Diamante estate in Honduras, this coffee represents a rather unknown and largely underdeveloped part of the country. The farm is located in Intibuca, a department of Honduras that borders El Salvador to the South and the relationship is managed by Nordic Approach. We haven’t featured a coffee from Honduras since Sweden’s Per Nordby offered us one earlier this year. It’s exciting to have this origin back in our lineup and this coffee will most definitely blow you away with its full body, complex and layered flavours and clean after taste.

Our December '17 lineup

Our December ’17 lineup

Receive this yummy coffee together with excellent single origins from Origin and Da Matteo in our upcoming December ’17 box. Flat-fee shipping to Europe: €5 / World: €10 – tracked shipping optional.

Preorder your box by 10-12 / ships on 15-12

What other happy customers say about us:

Fredrik Ohrner:  “I’m so happy with the coffee I get from you every month. The last box, with coffee from Neues Schwarz, was absolutely magical!”

Jocke Eckberg: “Absolutely love your service!”

Ilya Tsurikov: “Your most recent box was delivered really quick and that is very important to me! Thank you!”

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