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Who will be our next artist?

Who will be our next artist?


We’re looking for a beautiful, unique and expressive artwork to grace the next generation of stickers that go onto our monthly coffee boxes. Could it be yours?

Here at The Coffeevine, we’ve always been very design-conscious. From day one, we wanted to create something beautiful, tasteful and unique that would stand the test of time. Our wonderful Erica Armistead, co-founder of The Coffeevine and incredibly talented creative, laid the groundwork back when we started by creating our branding, website and packaging. Over the years, this has evolved, changed and been turned on its head many times to lead us to where we are today.


Since abolishing the heavy sleeves that we used to wrap our coffee boxes with in the beginning, we have worked with flatter boxes and a custom sticker that is used to seal the package as well as tell a story. For the past year, we’ve worked with the über-talented Ren Tin, an American artist who is based in Amsterdam. He’s not only a close friend of ours but also a real coffee nerd who totally understands our brand and what we are trying to do. Thus, it was a match made in heaven.


Now, after almost an entire year of using his gorgeous designs, we are looking for a fresh artwork to come and grace our coffee boxes as they travel to our customers in over 50 countries every month. This is a unique opportunity for any established or fledgeling designer, illustrator, artist or photographer to team up with Europe’s best coffee subscription service and work with us on the next step in the evolution of The Coffeevine’s look and feel.

Are you interested in joining forces with us? Then here’s what you need to do.

We’re looking for something really different for this next sticker design, however, it should still be in line with our brand’s positioning as one of the leading coffee subscriptions and specialty coffee experiences in Europe. While we don’t roast our own coffee, the gratest care goes into selecting only the freshest and most delicious coffees and they are a piece of art in their own right.

The artwork should be expressive, unique and powerful.

Type: It can be either a photograph, an illustration or a painting, as long it’s available as a high res file.

Format: The sticker has the following dimensions and the artwork or a section of it should work well within those parameters. 98 x 210 mm printed on 90 grams sticker vinyl.

Branding and information: The sticker will have our logo (in its original blue) in the top section, a press quote across the middle andyour name and website, our return address and our website at the bottom.

Are you the one we’re looking for? Then please submit your proposal by email by the end of  November 25th, 2018 to

hello [@] thecoffeevine [.] com

In the days to follow, we will evaluate all entries and choose the next artist whose work we would like to feature on our boxes starting with our final box of the year, the December ’18 coffee box for which we’ve already got a truly stellar lineup of roasters confirmed.

Please note: we do not offer payment for this. Instead, exposure to thousands of people all over the world is what we offer in return.

More info about The Coffeevine

Founded in 2014 as a blog about the best coffee bars in Amsterdam, The Coffeevine has since then evolved into Europe’s best coffee subscription service and the only one that features three freshly roasted coffees from three different roasters every month.


Over the years we have worked with over 15o of the world’s most renowned and up-and-coming names in the industry and seen our coffee boxes travel to thousands of customers in over 80 countries. From Brazil to Ireland and from Spain to Indonesia, coffee lovers in all four corners of the globe trust The Coffeevine to deliver a truly unique and delicious coffee experience every month.

Imagine how many people your work would touch. That’s what we do.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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