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“Coffee”, “Terminus”, “all passengers disembark here”!

Welcome to Coffee Terminus,... or just CT, strives to list anything concerning coffee. From the bean to the sublime taste in your mug, including the manufacturers, producers, the importers, the specialists, the techniques, the apps, the stores and so on...
Two main tools are emphasized on: The first is the information curation which allows you to follow the best blogs and specialists. The second is the directory referencing all the agents allowing us to indulge in our passion.
Coffee-Terminus.com is also a participative website in which anyone can add one or more addresses he deems essential, and explain to the community why he does. CT strives to offer the best service possible and to become THE place and THE website where you can find products, services, suppliers or coffee shops, no matter where you live... Thanks for your input and your support...

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Coffee Directory - Internet Coffee DataBase

More than just a directory, Coffee Terminus whishes to creat a worldwide internet coffe database.
"An ICDB of the coffee lovers, by the coffee lovers, for the coffee lovers".

Statistics: 12 Categories 198 Locations 448 Resources 4 Reviews

Take the opportunity, join the Directory portal – Internet Coffee DataBase, add company (organisation) profile in the list and promote it with us. Fill your profile, add all important information and navigate people straight into coffee lovers.